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The year 2024 marks a double significant milestone for the Andreola winery: the 40th anniversary of its foundation and of its first iconic product, the “Valdobbiadene DOCG Extra Dry Dirupo.”

Andreola – Stefano Pola

Presented in the year the winery was founded by Nazareno Pola, back in 1984, the Valdobbiadene DOCG Extra Dry Dirupo”, was the pioneer of a long series of successes and established the foundations of the path that this splendid reality of Valdobbiadene DOCG has undertaken, from then until today.

Made with Glera grapes carefully selected from the best vineyard lots on the legendary hills of Valdobbiadene DOCG, the “Dirupo Extra Dry” is proof of the profound bond that binds Andreola to its territory. The “heroic” viticulture of these hills, recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, requires intense manual activity. In the Andreola vineyards, the grape harvest is carried out exclusively by hand and, in some cases, with the aid of a special system of pulleys for transporting the grapes; thus, it reflects the winery’s commitment to creating wines that represent the essence of their designation.

Today, under the passionate guidance of Stefano Pola, the founder’s son, the winery continues to honour and innovate in the wake of the inherited winemaking tradition. With 110 hectares of vineyards grown using sustainable methods, Andreola produces and exports sparkling wines to many countries. The Valdobbiadene DOCG Extra Dry Dirupo, a wine of great elegance and finesse, is its progenitor. It distinguishes itself for its light yellow colour with greenish hints and fine, persistent bubbles. The aromatic notes of wisteria, pear, apple and white peach, together with pastry nuances, create an inviting and distinctive bouquet. The full, rich sip of “Dirupo Extra Dry” expresses a perfect balance of completeness, pleasantness and earthy, mineral freshness, making it ideal both as an aperitif and paired with sophisticated fish dishes.

The important celebration also involves the Andreola company, founded in 1984 by Nazareno Pola, and which today has a extensive, multi-sensory offer of wine tourism: The innovative Andreola Experience Room offers visitors the opportunity to discover the Valdobbiadene area in three dimensions with an innovative educational and informative approach, designed to offer an immersive and multi-sensory experience. This space also represents the starting point for a variety of activities ranging from guided tours with tastings to the extensive programme of walking and e-bike excursions along the Rive and a series of special events right in the vineyards.