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Acquisition of Domaine Michelas St Jemms by Maison & Domaines Les Alexandrins

av Livets Goda

Maison & Domaines Les Alexandrins have today announced the acquisition of Domaine Michelas St Jemms at Mercurol.

The integration of this 38-hectare certified organic estate that covers the Hermitage, Crozes Hermitage, Cornas and Saint Joseph appellations permits Maison & Domaines Les Alexandrins to pursue their growth.
As a member of the Independent Winegrowers Association of France since 1978, Domaine Michelas St Jemms has always prioritized direct to consumer sales for its authentic, environmentally respectful, fine wines.

Nicolas Jaboulet of Maison & Domaines Les Alexandrins announces:
“We would like to congratulate the Michelas family for its incredible work over the years, and to thank them for entrusting us with this estate that we know well, as it is where my colleague Alexandre Caso began his career as an agricultural worker at the beginning of the nineties. The vines have been perfectly maintained, with precise, meticulous work, and these are values that we share here at Maison & Domaines les Alexandrins. Driven by this common commitment, the teams from both estates are determined to carry this magnificent story forward, by preserving this name and this heritage, and continuing to bring the great wines of the Northern Rhône to the attention of the world.”

Located in Tain l’Hermitage, Maison & Domaines Les Alexandrins is the story of three friends combining the savoir-faire they learned from their parents and grandparents and the fruits from beautiful and historic terroirs. Nicolas Jaboulet, the 6th generation of a winegrowing family in Tain l’Hermitage, Guillaume Sorrel, son of Marc Sorrel of Domaine Sorrel in Hermitage, and Alexandre Caso, a specialist in the terroirs of the Northern Rhône, joined forces in 2012. Their shared knowledge of the terroirs and wines that have marked the history of the Northern Rhône Valley, their family ties with those who have made these appellations world-renowned and, quite simply, their taste for the great wines of their region make this a natural partnership. Since 2022, Maison & Domaines Les Alexandrins has been collaborating with Domaine de Leos and French singer Patrick Bruel to produce and distribute its rosé wine, LEOS Rosé “Cuvée Augusta”.