av Livets Goda

With its 110 hectares of vineyards, 900 thousand bottles sold in over 35 countries, and now 40 years in business, the Andreola winery has become a symbol of heroic Valdobbiadene DOCG viticulture, producing wines that have always been literally “handmade”, confirming its ‘constant commitment to quality research. This year, the company from Farra di Soligo is announcing two important novelties. The first is the new Aldaina Al Mas Rive Di Guia product, a 100% Glera extra brut, while the second is the Nazzareno Pola 2023 Etichetta del Fondatore, which this year is attributed to a specific area of origin with the designation “Rive di Santo Stefano”.

Stefano Pola, head of the company, expresses his enthusiasm for these important achievements: “We are proud to reap the benefits of an extremely high-level wine project that began long ago. The 2023 Etichetta del Fondatore, embellished by the designation “Rive di Santo Stefano”, officially celebrates the wine as a symbol of the highest quality and of the centuries-old Valdobbiadene DOCG winemaking tradition, originating on steeply sloping vineyards, completely hand-worked by the winemakers. This wine represents the personal vision of Nazzareno Pola, selected from among the company’s most iconic wines, such as Dirupo, a cuvée coming from various vineyards in the historical area of the denomination.”

In 2024, the Andreola line will also be further enhanced with another novelty, a brand-new product with a very peculiar name: it is the Aldaina Al Mas Rive Di Guia Extra Brut Valdobbiadene DOCG. This wine, produced from the 2023 grape harvest, is the fruit of a special vineyard cultivated since 2013, located in the municipality of Valdobbiadene, in the far eastern section of the Guia sub-area. “The plot of approximately 6 hectares includes all the exposures of a small valley which starts from approximately 250 m above sea level and reaches 350 m at the top. We chose this name because Mas is the name of the place where this beautiful vineyard extends, while Aldaina is what this location has always been called in the local dialect. The name altogether means “Maso on the Avalanche” because all the deep, fertile soil this beautiful vineyard stands on, with a farmhouse in a central position, comes from an ancient landslide of the upper hill called Madean. Given the altitude and slope, it can rightfully be termed extreme viticultural conditions“, states the winemaker Mirco Balliana.

All these conditions translate into a glass of one of the ultimate expressions of depth and persistence of the Glera variety of vine, thanks also to the presence of old calcareous marl. The deep soil imparts marked tanginess, and the generally cool climate ensures an acidic vitality of rare elegance. A memorable wine, versatile in every pairing, which knows how to amaze and leave a long-lasting memory