Hem Whisky & Bourbon Anecdotes of Ages Collection from The Macallan

Anecdotes of Ages Collection from The Macallan

av Livets Goda

Anecdotes of Ages Collection is a prestige whisky and art collection with renowned British pop artist, Sir Peter Blake. The collection showcases 13 unique stories inspired by the legacy of The Macallan. The collection consists of 13 one-of-a-kind bottles of exceptional 1967 whisky. Each features its own distinct original collage art on the label based on The Macallan’s legacy and unique stories about its history, community, and the beautiful natural landscape of the Easter Elchies Estate. To round out the 13 bottles that make up the originals collection, there will be a series of extremely limited-edition Anecdotes of Ages Collection: Down to Work bottles sold without the artist’s signature.  

In december 2023 one of these highly sought after bottles will be lauched at Systembolaget for en estimate of 580.000 SEK

Anecdotes of Ages Collection

In the spirit of The Macallan, the Anecdotes of Ages Collection celebrates the concept of legacy—both the rich legacy of The Macallan and that of Sir Peter Blake. The Anecdotes of Ages Collection marks the third collaboration with Sir Peter Blake in the brand’s history and is a natural partnership: The Macallan holds a deep appreciation for the time it takes to establish, nurture, and protect heritage as well as a desire to produce iconic creations and legendary pieces, and these values of timelessness are mirrored in both the character and work of Sir Peter Blake.


Methodically, Harbinson (who was not related to Janet) restored the business with a steady optimism, a stoic get-up-and-go that fuelled the growth of the 1950s and 60s. From his tiny office, in the 1970s, he decreed that The Macallan remain faithful to sherry seasoned oak casks. Quality and continuity were his abiding focus.

On this label Sir Peter Blake chronicles that time, championing workers who devoted their – in many cases – lifelong efforts to whisky making. The Distillery served as the heart of both their working lives and also as a social and family hub. The earlier support for war widows and hardworking Land Girls was an extension of this social philanthropy.

It is from this era that the outturn bottled for this collaboration was selected by Lead Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess. Distilled in 1967, its richly promising colour is paid off with deep and intoxicating scents of warm chocolate, pineapple and ginger, flavour notes that round out an outstanding spirit matured, after fifty years in sherry seasoned European oak casks.

This is a resonantly special spirit. Mary McCartney’s photograph places the bottle displaying Sir Peter’s label art in a setting that reminds us of the everyday work and persistent dedication that goes into creating our single malts, and the important characters who laid the groundwork for this special 1967 whisky.

Anecdotes of Ages Collection

Anecdotes of Ages Collection – An artistic presentation

The outer box for these special whiskies has been modelled on Sir Peter Blake’s own traditional art supply box, bringing together the world of art and whisky. A squirrel is laser etched on a removable panel, revealing a thumbnail photography collage documenting Sir Peter’s journey with The Macallan for the creation of this collection.

On the side a sliding drawer features Sir Peter’s signature laser etched into the oak. Within is a leather bound book sustainably sourced in Scotland, revealing the 13 unique stories behind the full Anecdotes of Ages Collection.