Hem Vinvärlden Axel Heinz to leave Bolgheri for France

Axel Heinz to leave Bolgheri for France

av Livets Goda

Axel Heinz, Estate Director of Ornellaia and Masseto, announces that his time in Bolgheri will draw to a close in Summer 2023 when he will return to France.

Axel Heinz

Axel Heinz came to Bolgheri in 2005 and his professionalism and expertise have assisted the company, enabling vintage after vintage to communicate the impressive expressions of the terroir belonging to both estates.

For me, it has been an incredible honour to contribute to the success of Ornellaia and Masseto in these years and I’d like to thank Giovanni Geddes and the Frescobaldi family for this invaluable journey,” remarks Axel Heinz. “I have had the chance to manage these astonishing vineyards and two innovative wineries, which have allowed us to bottle the fruits from a terroir that expresses all the elegance of the Mediterranean. Now the moment has come to return to France. Bolgheri, Ornellaia and Masseto will always remain in my heart and Italy, after all these years, has become my third home, after Germany where I was born and France, where I have lived for most of my life.”

Axel Heinz has decided to take on new professional challenges in France after more than 17 years of working with Ornellaia and Masseto,” comments CEO Giovanni Geddes. “These years have been ones of massive development and success, also thanks to Axel’s professionalism and technical, communicative and human abilities, who I thank for the results achieved. The excellence of Ornellaia and Masseto comes from the benevolence of Nature and the passion and experience of an outstanding team.” The President of Marchesi Frescobaldi, Lamberto Frescobaldi, also thanks Axel Heinz and reassures that, “a strong team will remain at Ornellaia and Masseto, which has worked side by side with Axel for many productive years”.