Hem Nyheter Barebells releases a new variation of its iconic flavor: Cookies and Caramel

Barebells releases a new variation of its iconic flavor: Cookies and Caramel

av Livets Goda

Finally! Barebells is launching a new original 20-gram protein bar, Cookies and Caramel. It is a variation of the iconic Barebells Cookies and Cream, as always without added sugar.
– A bite of Cookies and Caramel has it all – great flavor, a soft caramel layer, the right amount of crispiness, and a silky milk chocolate cover, says Isa Galvan, Global Brand Manager for Barebells.

Barebells Original Bar Cookies and Cream was one of the first Barebells products to hit the market in 2016 and has become one of the most loved protein bars in the Barebells portfolio. Now, Barebells has developed a new bar that takes the classic flavor to the next level, in the new Cookies and Caramel Original Bar that launches in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Spain this spring.

– Cookies and Cream has been one of Barebells’ strongest flavors for a long time. But we wanted to challenge ourselves, by combining some of its best elements with other, interesting flavors and textures, to see if we could come up with something as delicious. The result is the new Cookies and Caramel – a playful and equally tasty variation of the iconic flavor, Isa Galvan says.

The Cookies and Caramel Original Bar highlights three flavors – cookies, caramel and chocolate. Its cookie and chocolate-flavored core is covered with a sweet, slightly salted and smooth layer of caramel, topped with crisps and ultimately enclosed in silky milk chocolate. It comes with 20 grams of protein, has no added sugar, no palm oil, and is just like the other Barebells bars as delicious as it is convenient.

– In the Cookies and Caramel bar, we get the best of both worlds. It has 20 grams of protein and no added sugar, while still being a really tasty treat. Cookies and Caramel is the perfect snack at any time of the day, but especially before or after training. It is also a great alternative when being in the mood for something sweet, says Isa Galvan, Global Brand Manager for Barebells.

The new Cookies and Caramel joins the Barebells Original Bar category, which has been around since the brand first launched. Barebells’ full product range includes the Original Bars, the Soft Bar Family, the Milkshakes and the ready-to-drink meal Fast Food.

The new Barebells Cookies and Caramel bar will reach the stores in Sweden on the 3rd of April. It can also be purchased online through for example tyngre.se.