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Big change planned for Champagne Lanson’s best-selling label

av Livets Goda

It started with Jacquesson, then Krug, and most recently Roederer, and now – DrinksBuisiness exclusively reveal – Lanson is planning a big change for its Brut NV, Le Black Label, that aims to draw attention to the differences of each release of the multi-vintage blend.

The reason for referencing this selection of Champagne producers relates to their decision to assign a different number to each new non-vintage cuvée they make, both to highlight the changes in the base wines, and to help the consumer ascertain the age of the bottle.

Jacquesson started the trend with its brut NV ‘700-series’ in 2000, beginning with a released numbered 728. It was then followed by Krug, which introduced a numbering system to highlight the unique nature of each annual blend of its multi-vintage Grande Cuvée in 2015 – starting with its 160th edition, which hit the shelves in 2016.

Most recent was Louis Roederer, which in 2021 announced the end of its Brut Premier NV, and, in its place, the launch of Collection 242, because the inaugural cuvée was based around the 2017 vintage, which was the 242nd harvest since the foundation of Roederer in 1776….

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