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Congratulations to the Winners of the Bartenders’ Choice Awards 2024

av Livets Goda

The Bartenders’ Choice Awards (BCA) is proud to announce the winners of its highly anticipated 2024 edition. Recognized as the pinnacle of excellence in the cocktail industry, the BCA Gala, held at Circus in Copenhagen, showcased the finest talents, innovations, and contributions to the world of mixology.

This year’s winners were selected by the BCA jury from a pool of exceptional nominees, each representing the epitome of craftsmanship, creativity, and hospitality. From renowned cocktail bars to rising stars, the winners have demonstrated unparalleled dedication to their craft and have made a lasting impact on the cocktail scene.

The winners of the Bartenders’ Choice Awards 2024 are as follows:

Best Cocktail Bar – Röda Huset
Best New Cocktail Bar – Black Milk Gastro Bar
Best Cocktail Menu – Cadierbaren
Best Atmosphere – Bar Bruno
Best Bartender – Anton Windmar
Improver Of The Bar Industry – David Kringlund
Best Restaurant – Miyakodori
Rising Star – Adam Myrgård
Best Signature Cocktail – Kolagräs (Röda Huset)
People’s Choice – Tjoget


Best Cocktail Bar – Bird
Best New Cocktail Bar – The House of Machines
Best Cocktail Menu – Deco
Best Atmosphere – Duck and Cover
Best Bartender – Harry Bell
Improver Of The Bar Industry – Max Scott
Best Restaurant – Bredo
Rising Star – Logan Flatte
Best Signature Cocktail – Whisky For Breakfast (Ruby)
People’s Choice – Visit


Best Cocktail Bar – Svanen
Best New Cocktail Bar – Tjeld
Best Cocktail Menu – Othilia
Best Atmosphere – Svanen
Best Bartender – Benjamin Aarsland
Improver Of The Bar Industry – Therese Storebø
Best Restaurant – Jimmy’s
Rising Star – Daniel Pappa
Best Signature Cocktail – Birch (Himkok)
People’s Choice – Pjolter & Punsj

Best Cocktail Bar – Bardem
Best New Cocktail Bar – 305
Best Cocktail Menu – Chihuahua Julep
Best Atmosphere – The Old Man & The Si
Best Bartender – Liisa Lindroos
Improver Of The Bar Industry – Kenneth Löfström
Best Restaurant – Luovuus Kukkii Kaaoksesta
Rising Star – Anna Lakner
Best Signature Cocktail – Symbiotic Serve 3.0 (Bar Mate)
People’s Choice – Tiima


Best Cocktail Bar – Amma Don
Best New Cocktail Bar – Amma Don
Best Cocktail Menu – Amma Don
Best Atmosphere – Bingo
Best Bartender – Leó Snæfeld Pálsson
Improver Of The Bar Industry – Jónas Heiðarr
Best Restaurant – OTO
Rising Star – David Hood
Best Signature Cocktail – 3 Citrus Gimlet
People’s Choice – Jungle


Best Product – Michter’s Kentucky Straight Rye
Best International cocktail bar – Tayer + Elementary, London
Best Cocktail Book – Liquid Intelligence
Best Social Media Account – Cocktailman

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of the Bartenders’ Choice Awards 2024,” said co-founder Jakob Sundin. “Their passion, talent, and commitment to excellence have set new standards in the world of mixology and continue to inspire us all.”

The Bartenders’ Choice Awards Gala not only celebrates the achievements of the winners but also serves as a platform for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. The event brings together bartenders, brand ambassadors, spirits enthusiasts, and industry leaders from around the world to honor the best in the business.

For more information about the Bartenders’ Choice Awards and a full list of winners, please visit www.bartenderschoiceawards.com

About Bartenders’ Choice Awards:
The Bartenders’ Choice Awards is an annual event that recognizes excellence in the cocktail industry. Founded 2010, the BCA celebrates the artistry, innovation, and passion of bartenders and cocktail establishments.