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Continued Growth in the Fame and Value of Chianti Classico

av Livets Goda

The Black Rooster denomination, Chianti Classico DOCG, continues its upward trend. 2020–2022 closed with a 6% increase in volume in average bottle sales over the previous three years. Global values increased 17% compared to 2021 and an exceptional 46% since 2020 (data source: Maxidata Observatory).

Even for bulk grape prices and bulk wine value continues to grow. The average price per hectolitre for Chianti Classico in 2022 was approximately 10% higher than the previous year, boosting profitability for growers.

Chianti Classico Riservaand Gran Selezione premium wines have also demonstrated good growth both by volume and value, consolidating the trend towards premium wines. In 2022, these two styles accounted for 45% of production but 56% of turnover. Chianti Classico Gran Selezione sales grew 30% in value compared to the previous year. Eight years after being introduced, the market has thus demonstrated its commitment to this style.

Unique Market Penetration – Distribution in 160 Countries

The USA was once again at the top of the leader board for Black Rooster sales in 2022: 37% of all Chianti Classico bottles were sold in this market in comparison with 33% in the previous year (an increase of 12%). This was due to the continued rise in the reputation of the denomination, as well as the strong dollar.

The domestic market remained relatively stable, with 19% of Chianti Classico bottles sold in Italy, followed in third place by Canada with 10%. Great Britain and Germany are responsible for 7% and 6% of Chianti Classico sales. Scandinaviafollowed with 5%, Switzerland with 3%, Benelux with 3% and Japan and South Korea with 2% apiece.

France is worth a special mention. While it currently enjoys relatively low sales (approximately 1% of the total), its consumers are both engaged and expert. This was recognised in the highest average value for Gran Selezione wines in 2022, as well as increased growth in the denomination’s wines in general which contributed to a 60% surge in Chianti Classico volumes year on year.

The Consorzio’s market survey found that Chianti Classico’s market penetration is rather unique. While sales are concentrated in its historic markets with two thirds of production sold to the top three markets, the Black Rooster wines also reach more unusual markets, outside the standard commercial tracks and across all continents. They are distributed in 160 countries worldwide.

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