Hem NyheterVinnyhet Coravin lanserar nya julfärger som del av 10-årsjubileum

Coravin lanserar nya julfärger som del av 10-årsjubileum

av Livets Goda

This Christmas, Coravin – world leaders in wine preservation – are launching two new limited-edition colours within their flagship Timeless range. The Deep Sea Blue and Mist colours, which are inspired by the spirit of exploration, reflect Coravin’s unique ability to empower wine enthusiasts to embark on their own tasting journeys, exploring and savouring wine at their leisure.

On a mission to change the way the world drinks wine, Coravin’s unique technology enables a non-coring needle to gently pass through the cork, extracting the wine, and replacing it with argon gas, which prevents oxygen from making contact with the wine. Once the needle is removed, the cork simply expands back to its normal shape, allowing the wine to stay as fresh as the day it was bottled for months or even years to come.

The Coravin range allows wine drinkers to swap between red and white wine throughout the evening, or even have a glass of fine wine from a bottle, while preserving the remainder for another occasion. Thanks to Coravin, a by-the-glass wine menu is now possible from the comfort of home.

Founder and inventor of Coravin, Greg Lambrecht said: “I created Coravin to be able to experience any wine by the glass, without the fear of wastage. Our latest limited-edition devices, Deep Sea Blue and Mist are inspired by this same spirit of exploration, so whether you’re gifting a device to a seasoned wine connoisseur or someone just beginning their wine journey, Coravin Timeless will allow the recipient to taste, explore, discover and preserve without limitation.”

Coravin erbjuder under november och december upp till 40% rabatt via www.coravin.se och www.coravin.dk.