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The Arte Langhe Rosso DOC of Domenico Clerico – on of the most relevant  wineries in Langhe – returns with a new limited edition of artistic and unique labels created by the students of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, winners of the second edition of the Domenico Clerico award.

The winners Francesca Bellino and Melissa Trusolino have designed 10 different labels, 5 for each, of Art limited edition 2023, conveying the personality of Domenico Clerico’s Arte Langhe Rosso DOC with an original and expressive quality.

Ten small illustrated works from which it will be possible to choose from the configurator on the winery website. It will thus be possible to personalize the three litre bottles of Arte Langhe Rosso DOC 2020, produced in just 200 examples and available exclusively by reservation. The customer can not only choose their favourite artistic label, but every single detail of their bottle from the colour of the sealing wax to the inscription on the back of the label. The most popular work by each artist will be exhibited in the cellar.

“We are happy to undertake a path to support young talentGiuliana Viberti Clericoa project that we hope will contribute to the realization of the dreams of the two winning students who, with their creativity, have managed to create original works for the most famous wine “Arte”. New visions of wine like those that Domenico always had, as the innovator he was, in his life in the vineyard.

For Oscar Arrivabene, winemaker and director of the cellar, “New artistic interpretations for Arte, a wine that presents itself every year with a different and non-replicable style. We are happy that two young artists have created works personalizing through creative ingenuity the philosophy of this Langhe Rosso DOC of which Domenico Clerico was particularly fond and which well represented his eclecticism.”

“Once again the Albertina Academy is pleased to have participated in this award which represents an opportunity for training and growth for our students outside the school classroom. A partnership activity with an important reality in our territory and belonging to a sector, wine, which like art, continues to celebrate our country throughout the world. The selected works are a perfect example of how the creativity of new generations – who at the Academy not only study painting, sculpture or engraving, but also photography, digital art, artistic planning for business, design and decoration, and new technology – can coexist with a high quality product like the wine from the Domenico Clerico winery,” declares Paola Gribaudo, President of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.

The winners of the second edition of the Domenico Clerico award, artists of the Art labels – Limited Edition 2023

Francesca Bellino, born in Genoa in 1998 and grew up in inland Savona
“My only real passion, since I was a child, has always been art in all its facets. Nothing has ever moved me so much as transferring my emotions onto paper. Drawing has always been my anchor, a fixed point, the freedom to express who I am. My goal is to continue my artistic research, to transform my studies and my great passion into my work.”

The proposed works represent subjects linked to the territory. The connection with the earth, the emotion that binds us to it, the return to nature. A philosophy that also animates much of Francesca’s work, where her research focuses above all on the study and reproduction of the forms of the natural world.

Melissa Trusolino, born in Turin in 1998 and grew up in a small village in Monferrato.

“Paper and colours are the ingredients of my growth as a person and artist. What I am most fond of is the creative process, that personal relationship that is created with one’s work before even knowing its final form. It is a moment of inner transport, of lightness, which is without time and disturbances. Art, as a game and experiment, will always be a constant, my way of discovering something new and unexpected, remaining once again enchanted by shapes, lines and colours that complement each other.”

The illustrations developed for Art Limited Edition were born from a game and experiment. Because first of all art must be this, a fun opportunity to create something new and unexpected. Melissa started from the theme of the human figure, a subject that she finds extremely fascinating and mysterious and wanted to connect it to wine. Everything is surrounded by nostalgia, mystery and curiosity.

More information: www.domenicoclerico.com

About Domenico Clerico
Domenico Clerico is a great name in Barolo in Italy and around the world. The history of this prestigious winery in Monforte d’Alba coincides with the story of a man who revolutionized the concept of viticulture in the Langhe, animated by the desire to experiment in order to achieve the excellence that has always characterized his wines. Domenico Clerico was a pioneer in the study of Nebbiolo, but also of Barbera D’Alba and Dolcetto, the wine from which he began to build his dream in 1976. His intense bond with the land, the tireless work among the rows and the peculiarities of its vineyards have built a unique heritage over the years. A legacy inherited by his wife Giuliana and carried forward by a team of collaborators led today by Oscar Arrivabene, winemaker and general manager, in absolute respect for the honest and uncompromising imprint of its founder. The company today has 21 hectares of vineyards, which produce a total of 110,000 bottles every year and cultivates only the three Piedmontese vines par excellence, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo, exported to over 40 countries around the world. The range includes 9 labels: Visadì Langhe Dolcetto DOC, Trevigne Barbera D’Alba DOC, Capisme-e Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, Arte Langhe Rosso DOC, Barolo DOCG from the Municipality of Monforte d’Alba, Pajana Barolo DOCG, CiabotMentin Barolo DOCG and AereoplanServaj Barolo DOCG, Percristina Barolo DOCG.