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Forty-three years of partnership

av Livets Goda

For over four decades, we have had the privilege of collaborating with Fontanafredda, a journey that began a remarkable 43 years ago. This history is not only defined by our long-standing partnership but also by a profound passion for authenticity and the wine traditions of Piemonte. Through our collaboration, we have been privileged to witness their constant dedication to conveying the genuine taste of Piemonte to the world.

“It is truly an honour to partner with a historic estate like Fontanafredda, and our journey together has been marked by a shared passion for bringing genuine Piemonte flavors to Swedish wine consumers”, says Fernando Di Luca, the visionary entrepreneur who initiated the partnership between Enjoy Wine & Spirits and Fontanafredda back in 1980.

It is worth noting that Fontanafredda’s Barolo was the first Barolo to be sold at Systembolaget in Sweden, a position it has held for a remarkable 68 years. “It’s amazing to think back and realize that I still have notes, from the start of our collaboration, in my wallet,” continues Fernando.

“We are excited to announce the launch of a new product, a Bag-in-Box, marking a significant step in our partnership. Fontanafredda has not previously been available in this format, and this development is especially significant since it opens access to over 50% of the market”, says Roberto Bruno, CEO and Chief Commercial Officer at Fontanafredda.

In Sweden, only one out of every three liters of wine is consumed from a bottle. This expansion into a more accessible format demonstrates Fontanafredda’s commitment to reaching a wider audience while preserving their commitment to quality and authenticity.

“Furthermore, the Bag-in-Box we are now launching is an environmentally friendly packaging. It is Equalitas certified, further demonstrating Fontanafredda’s commitment to environmental sustainability,” affirms Peter Kokovic, CEO of Enjoy Wine & Spirits.

With pride and anticipation, the team at Enjoy Wine & Spirits look forward to the forthcoming years in this longstanding partnership, where together we strive to offer authentic flavours from Piemonte to wine enthusiasts in Sweden.