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LoST EU – Looking for the Sustainability of Taste in Europe

av Livets Goda

The stages of the journey of LoST EU, a project supported by the European Union on the theme of sustainability and the promotion of small dairy denominations, continue. LoST EU is carrying out a plan of communication and events aimed at enhancing the value of some of Italy’s excellent dairy products, which today represent one of the many riches of Italy’s gastronomic heritage, as well as an example of sustainability.

This time it will be the splendid landscapes of Trentino that will frame an exclusive B2B event that will see LoST host the Puzzone di Moena DOP area, for a journey of discovery of Trentino and in particular of the production areas of the King of washed-rind cheeses of this territory.

Everything happened on Friday 15 September, the first day of the Festival del Puzzone di Moena DOP, with a busy calendar of visits and exclusive events addressed to specialised buyers.

Among the participants there will also be top level foreign professionals, such; Jorgen Larrson, who has been working in cheese importing in Stockholm for over twenty years, and is currently Buyer of the Sabis chain of shops; Alvaro Eusepi, owner of the company Italianissimo AB, which imports quality food products in the south of Sweden and is the owner of retail shops specialised in Italian food.

After a visit to the historical Caseificio di Predazzo and Moena, the first producer of this cheese excellence in terms of history and volumes, where it was possible to witness the processing of Puzzone di Moena DOP, a round table will follow entitled From grass to table: Puzzone di Moena DOP step by step. An event that will involve the three guests of the LoST Incoming as well as a reserved number of experts and industry insiders moderated by Davide Pedrolli-DOLOMITA , product ambassador for some key markets including the Scandinavian ones.

In the afternoon, after a working lunch was held at the new Dairy Bistrot, the tour will continue to Pera di Fassa, with a guided visit to Mèlga de Fascia, another producer of the PDO in quesitone, and to the section of the Ladin Museum of Fassa dedicated to cheese-making, before moving on to Soraga.

Here the Cheese tasting on high-altitude cheeses took place, featuring Puzzone di Moena DOP and other mountain DOPs such as Roccaverano DOP, Murazzano DOP, Ossolano DOP from Piedmont and Strachitunt DOP from Lombardy. A sensory immersion that passes through five PDO cheese excellences that are part of the LoST project. An appointment aimed at buyers but also open to true cheese lovers or simple gourmets, guided by an ONAF expert, paired with Trentino wines.

To close the day, a Gala evening at the Navalge Theatre with a dinner dedicated to Puzzone dio Moena DOP organised by the Caseificio di Predazzo and Moena in collaboration with the ENAIP professional institute of Tesero and an entertaining theatrical show with a dairy theme.

”We were honoured to be able to open the doors of the Festival also to the b2b sector with a dedicated programme that we hope will make our guests operating in the German and Swedish market appreciate the peculiarity of our Puzzone di Moena PDO, which now has 7 dairy producers, 4 of which are members of our Consortium” – declares Franco Morandini, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Puzzone di Moena PDO.

”The LOST project and the synergy with the other Italian PDOs that are part of it represent an important opportunity to establish new trade contacts and strengthen the existing ones, opening the doors of our dairies and giving people the chance to touch the passion and pride of our cheesemakers and breeders to be part of this product, breathing in the festive atmosphere of the Festival, which is also the moment that marks the return of cows and breeders from the mountain pastures,’ Morandini continues. ’Trentino has always been a land of cooperation and we are certain that this collaboration will bear excellent fruit in a few years’ time, adding new channels to those already under way thanks to the excellent work of the Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino, which has also been invited to this important event. ”

The appointment in Moena in fact represented a very important stage in LoST’s journey, as it was the first incoming guests from Sweden and Germany. A way to lay the foundations that will lead to the organisation of the next appointments abroad, where LoST cheeses will travel around Europe to make themselves known to the Swedish and German public and market.