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av Livets Goda

Two days of races in the top circuit of women’s skiing, featuring VIP hospitality showcasing local and Trentino productions, and the “puzzone” from Moena, that is ready to make its mark on the snow of Val di Fassa, where the “d’alpeggio” milk born in the summer.

There is immense love for this territory, in fact there are two local values that all the Fassa valley bring much attention to, experience that can be enjoyed exclusively within the VIP hospitality area – the Ladin Lounge on the 24th and 25th of February during the Women’s Alpine Skiing World Cup in San Pellegrino.

This is the first time for the Fassa valley to be on the official calendar with two super G races that will be eagerly contested by our “Azzurre,” other renowned skiing contenders in the World Cup.

The Ladin Lounge, associated with the “Strada dei Formaggi (cheese way) delle Dolomiti”, will be a 360-degree hospitality space, where there will be gastronomic excellences of the Fassa Valley and of other areas in Trentino too. Here you can breathe the good smell and warmth of Trentino wood, thanks to the LadinArredi setups, in full Dolomiti style.
Inside, guests can enjoy locally enogastronomic products on a km 0, a proof of a tangible sustainability. All the beverages and tableware are plastic free creating a real storytelling experience about the product, thanks to the producers. This concept has been brought to life by the Grandi Eventi, the organising committee of this World Cup stage, aiming to bring this ideology to their customers.

In this scenario, the king of Trentino cheeses, the “Puzzone di Moena DOP”, takes centre stage, alongside seven other Italian excellences of the LOST (Looking for the sustainability of taste in Europe) project. https://lostcheeseineurope.eu/
This organisation wants to bring attention to the small dairy productions, protected by designation of origin, that enhance their position in the Italian market and in less explored markets such as Sweden and Germany.

“In the pursuit of this objective, the Val di Fassa Ski World Cup represents an excellent opportunity to enhance the positioning of this product, which will be offered for tasting to the selected international audience of the Alpine Ski World Cup,” explains Franco Morandini, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Puzzone di Moena PDO.

To make the Puzzone di Moena PDO even more special, two Michelin-starred chefs from the Fassa valley, Stefano Ghetta and Paolo Donei, will be showcasing it in a unique culinary proposal. The Puzzone di Moena DOP will take centre stage in the appetiser buffet and will also be a fundamental ingredient in some recipes, such as Strangolapreti with Puzzone di Moena DOP, Baldo truffle, lacquered savoy cabbage, and Trento D.O.C. reduction.

“There certainly could not be a lack of a dedicated corner to this casearia excellence, accompanied by other products from the local Trentino region,” says Dora Tavernaro, project manager of LOST and VIP hospitality for the event. “Let’s not forget that the Puzzone di Moena DOP originates precisely from the grass which, in the summer, transitions from a competition ground to a rich alpine air. This environment imparts to the milk its aromatic character, with notes of sweetness and a golden yellow colour that characterise it, especially in its Malga version, also recognized as a Slow Food Presidium.”

The mountain dairies providing the raw material, expertly processed by the producing dairies, are located just a few steps from the “La Volata” race track, confirming a territory that has managed to innovate while remaining true to its vocations and traditions.

Another category of cheese series and other local products such as slice meats, mountain herbs and gems, traditional sweets, apples, Trentino grappas and wines, Garda Trentino PDO olive oil of OLIOCRU, apple juice of Melagorai, expertly crafted by the students of the ENAIP Institute in Tesero, under the guidance of their teachers and the two Michelin-starred chefs of Ladine cuisine.

Dolomita will be also involved as a PR agency for the event on a international base.
To experience the two Super G races at their best, guests must stay on the fabulous terrace on the “La Volata” race track, where 150 VIP Ladin Lounge guests will have the opportunity to taste these delicacies and interact with dairies and other producers.

The goal is to leave a mark on the snow of Passo San Pellegrino, delighting the most exigent palates with the unmistakable aromas and flavours of this cheese by combining promotion, communication, and storytelling in a natural and sports context at high levels.

LoST EU is a project supported by the European Union under the Regulation 1144/2014 Program for the promotion of quality schemes. The project specifically addresses the theme of sustainability and the promotion of small dairy denominations. The goal is to carry out a communication plan and events aimed at enhancing some Italian dairy excellences, which currently represent one of the many treasures of the Italian gastronomic heritage, as well as an example of sustainability.