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Restaurant Alchemist x The Reach

av Livets Goda

Restaurant Alchemist x The Reach: For the first time ever will this 81 Years Old single malt whisky, crafted from a single, sherry seasoned oak cask, be opened and served to guests at a restaurant. The event will feature a tasting of The Reach, the full 50 impression Alchemist  experience, and a carefully curated beverage pairing with a selection of wines and The Macallan rarities.

Restaurant Alchemist

  • An event at Alchemist is a drama in five acts, each in a different part of the restaurant. At the heart of the experience is the gigantic planetarium dome where guests dine surrounded by artful projections and stunning views, conjuring up, and enhancing moods and statements. Two art installations are filled with surprising interactive performance elements – and two lounge areas give pause and time for reflection during the evening. For this exclusive event, the Alchemist chefs have challenged themselves to reimagine some of the iconic dishes at the restaurant so that the spirit of The Macallan permeates not only the beverages served, but also the food and the ambiance. The event will feature the full 50 impression Alchemist experience, as well as a carefully curated beverage pairing with a selection of fine wines and The Macallan rarities. 1 cl of The Reach is included in the ticket price.


  • The Reach single malt Scotch whisky was drawn from a single cask in which it has matured for the past 81 years. Its peaceful existence contrasts the turbulent time when it was distilled in 1940. Slowly maturing over eight decades, it allows us, in the present age, to reach back in history to that difficult time. While the deep auburn liquid has a gentle smoothness, in keeping with The Macallan’s signature taste, the complexity of its profile offers an array of flavours. There is a rich, sweet smokiness, attributable to the peat used when malting the barley and firing the stills during this period in time. The smoky note is subtle but unmistakable, complemented with antique oak.

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