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The 2021 vintage of Ornellaia Bianco is released

av Livets Goda

Ornellaia Bianco made its debut in 2013 compelled by the owners’ yearning to convey the exceptional soil qualities and the estate’s unique microclimate in a white wine. Since then, vineyard parcels have kept the balance a secret through to grape harvest and before the wine stands the test of time to display elegant complexity.  

Ornellaia Bianco Bolgheri DOC 2021 is no exception. Having been released to market in April, this fine white wine has inherited the utmost potential of a vintage in which the seasons, soils and vines joined forces to deliver perfect, minute and concentrated berries.

2021 started with the generous renewal of the estate’s water supplies, which ensured normal growth of the vines until the spring. The arrival of the summer along the Tuscan coast made an impact with several hot, dry weeks. The rainfall at the beginning of the year and the deep-lying soils enabled the vines to avoid overly intense water stress, allowing the bunches to ripen perfectly. The white grapes began to be harvested on 18 August.

Ornellaia Bianco interpreted this vintage, which was an important one in Bolgheri, with its profoundly Mediterranean character,” remembers Lamberto Frescobaldi. “Our efforts in the vineyard supported the vines, allowing them to extract the richness and shades from the soil that make Ornellaia Bianco the true alter ego of Ornellaia.”

The grapes were harvested by hand at several intervals in the very early morning before immediately being chilled on their arrival in the cellar in order to maintain all the aromatic potential. Following vinification and being aged in wood, the various parcels were expertly assembled before being left to age for another six months.

“Ornellaia Bianco is a light-filled wine and an ambassador of the company’s philosophy, which has always striven to clearly communicate the potential of its terroir,” comments Marco Balsimelli, Production Director of Ornellaia. “The balance between elegant texture and freshness can be seen in this taut, bright cuvée that proudly represents Ornellaia around the world.”