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Vino al Vino in Cantina

av Livets Goda

The Vintners Union of Panzano in Chianti presents: “Vino al Vino in Cantina / Vino al Vino in the Cellar”, an itinerant oenological experience in the heart of the Chianti Classico area. An extraordinary journey in order to discover authentic flavours and the stories that give life to the wine cellars of Panzano in Chianti.

Panzano in Chianti is preparing for one of the most expected wine events in spring taking place during the first weekend of May: “Vino al Vino in Cantina”. Organized by the Vintners Union of Panzano in Chianti, it consists in an itinerant event at its second edition. This year it takes place on 4 and 5 May 2024 and makes the lovers of excellent wines explore a total of 20 cellars of the Union attending the event.

The aim is offering the unique opportunity to get in touch with the wine producers of Panzano in Chianti, diving into the history and tradition of the internationally well known territory thanks to its exquisite wine quality. During ” Vino al Vino in Cantina” the wine producers will welcome the visitors for sharing and passing on the profound bond that they feel for their vineyards as well as emphasizing the wine as a unique and authentic protagonist.

The theme of the this year’s edition is authenticity.
“In a time when artificial intelligence seems to have no limits, making it sometimes almost impossible to distinguish what is a human creation and what is not, – comments Giovanni Battista D’Orsi, President of the Vintners Union of Panzano in
Chianti – our winemakers choose the authenticity of the senses, manifesting a kind welcome, appreciating the beauty of the sprouting vineyard, but above all enyoing a chat while sipping a glass of wine”.

The focus will be the story of everybody who has been courageous enough to follow the heart, realizing the dream of producing wine in Panzano in Chianti. Unique and different stories, various multicultural roots that have enriched the
community in order to turn this terroir into a vibrant place in the wine world. For more than thirty years, Panzano is the referral for the vintners of the Chianti Classico area in regard of the enhancement of the own territory through a loyal
collaboration and solidarity. A virtuous example within the Italian and international wine world where the first organic wine district has its origin based on a real and shared effort by all vintners for preserving the ambience and its sustainability.

The beauty of the Chianti Classico area in spring will be the enchanting scenery of this weekend dedicated to wine and conviviality. The guests will have the opportunity to taste a wide selection of wines: Chianti Classico vintage, Riserva
and Gran Selezione, as well as a prestigious selection of IGT. A not-to-be-missed opportunity also for exploring the new bike tours that lead through the entire territory of Panzano or for visiting the beautiful medieval hamlet with its artistical
treasures as well as the enchanting views.

How to live the weekend
Saturday 4 May and Sunday 5 May from 11.00 hrs to 18.30 hrs
The visitors can decide whether they start their tour at the info point in Piazza Bucciarelli (selling of tasting glasses and information) or from one of the wineries participating at the event.
The tasting glass costs Euro 30.- and includes also a map of the territory and the suggested tours in order to optimize the visit.

“Vino al Vino in Cantina” on 4-5 May is just the first meeting with the producers of the Panzano Vintners Union who will welcome you also during the 3rd weekend of September (13-14-15 September), in Piazza Bucciarelli, the heart of Panzano in
Chianti for their traditional wine festival which has reached its 30th edition this year.

For further details and information: www.viticoltoripanzano.com