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Welcome summer with a Tedeschi Lucchine

av Livets Goda

Raise your glasses in celebration of the official start of summer. Following a fluctuating spring, summer seems to have finally arrived. Now is the perfect time to dine outdoors, to have cocktails at the end of the day with colleagues and friends, and to enjoy spontaneous picnics. In sum, to relax with people you enjoy spending time with and toast the start of the vacation season.

So, what wine should you serve for that toast? There is nothing better than the typical freshness of a vintage Valpolicella, which is perfectly embodied in the Tedeschi Lucchine, a fresh and fruity red wine. Its extraordinary spontaneity can be attributed to the alluvial gravel and limestone of morainic origin that together highlight the wine’s organoleptic characteristics. The territory that gives rise to this wine – namely Valpolicella – is known around the world for its high quality wines and benefits from a temperate climate along with a variety of soils and valleys.  The Tedeschi Lucchine, a young, dynamic, and vibrant wine, fully reflects the essence of this land, and captures the energy and freshness of its region of origin. Its lively acidity and fruity notes make it a versatile wine that pairs perfectly with light meals, appetizers, and first courses.

This label not only exemplifies the vivacity of Valpolicella but also the amalgam of tradition and innovation of a region that has transformed winemaking into a true art. Its authenticity and ability to express the best of the territory from which it originates makes it a perfect wine to toast the start of summer.  The wine’s versatile sensory lexicon speaks to a wide audience. When served at a cool temperature, it is an optimum aperitif, but also pairs well with light lunches and dinners. The Lucchine is a limpid wine with warm and inviting ruby colors that is young and fresh on the nose with notes of cherry, forest fruits alongside a light citrus note.  There is also a significant floral terpene note as revealed in the most recent study commissioned by the Tedeschi family that analyzed the sense of place of a wine. This vigorous and dynamic red with balanced structure and moderate alcohol content is a young, pleasant, and elegant Valpolicella, making it an ideal choice to bring in summer!