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Winners Bartenders’ Choice Awards

av Livets Goda

Here are all winners for the 13th annual Bartenders’ Choice Awards. The winners have been decided by the BCA
jury and was announced at the prestigious BCA gala on Sunday March 13 at The Plant in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Arranging the gala in Copenhagen for the first time was incredible. So happy to see everyone together again and the Nordic bartender community feels stronger than ever. Witnessing all the cool pop up’s, dinners, parties and seminars was so much fun. A massive congratulations to all the winners and everyone that attended this year’s gala” – Joel Katzenstein, Co-founder of BCA

Best Cocktail Bar – Lucy’s Flower Shop
Best New Cocktail Bar – Facit
Best Cocktail Menu – Stjärtilleriet
Best Atmosphere – Coquetel Social
Best Bartender – Svante Garsten Schön
Improver Of The Bar Industry – David Kringlund
Best Restaurant – Animo
Peoples Choice – Tjoget
Best Signature Cocktail – Kolagräs

Best Cocktail Bar – Himkok
Best New Cocktail Bar – Ekspedisjonshallen
Best Cocktail Menu – Pjolter & Punsj
Best Atmosphere – Svanen
Best Bartender – Adrián Michalčík
Improver Of The Bar Industry – Felice Capasso
Best Restaurant – Katla
Peoples Choice – Svanen
Best Signature Cocktail – Moonshine

Best Cocktail Bar – Bird
Best New Cocktail Bar – Goldfinch
Best Cocktail Menu – Bird
Best Atmosphere – Pulp
Best BartendeR – Mia Hjorth Hansen
Improver Of The Bar Industry – Adam Borch Jacobsen
Best Restaurant – Goldfinch
Peoples Choice – Duck And Cover
Best Signature Cocktail – Bonfire Manhattan

Best Cocktail Bar – Chihuahua Julep
Best New Cocktail Bar – Bar Mate
Best Cocktail Menu – DeLorean
Best Atmosphere – The Firm
Best Bartender – Jere Vihervaara
Improver of the bar industry – Juho Eklund
Best Restaurant – Yeastie Boi
Peoples Choice – Delorean
Best Signature Cocktail – Palo Santo

Best Cocktail Bar – Jungle
Best New Cocktail Bar – Bingo
Best Cocktail Menu – Sumac
Best Atmosphere – Kaldi Bar
Best Bartender – Leó Snæfeld Pálsson
Improver Of The Bar Industry – Ivan Svanur Corvasce
Best Restaurant – Sumac
Peoples Choice – Múlaberg Bistro & Bar
Best Signature Cocktail – Funkis

Best Product – Plantation Rum
Best International Cocktail Bar – Tayēr + Elementary
Best Publication – Difford’s Guide
Best Social Media Account – Cocktail Man

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